Delicious New Dishes


A traditional Mexican dish. Three Sopes filled w/your choice of steak or grilled chicken meat, topped w/sour cream, lettuce tomatoes, onions & Chihuahua cheese! Served w/rice & beans! 


Grilled chicken breast topped w/shrimp & cheese, served w/Mexican rice & vegetables!

Lunch $8.95   Dinner $13.29

A Mexican style sandwich filled w/your choice of grilled steak or grilled chicken. Garnished w/lettuce, tomatoes, avocado & onions. Served w/rice & beans!


A traditional up-n-go Mexican meal!

Toasted bread covered in our refried beans w/grilled steak, cooked w/grilled onions, topped w/our white melted cheese & Pico de Gallo!


(Skirt Steak) Marinated in our special style, garnished w/Pico de Gallo, roasted bannana pepper, cebolines, guacamole, sour cream & roasted jalapeño pepper. Served w/refried beans & Mexican rice!


Grilled Chicken, Shrimp and Steak slices cooked with onion, peppers and tomatoes, topped with our delicious cheese sauce! Served with a chicken enchilada topped with ranchero sauce, plus rice, black beans and tortillas! Dinner $14.49

Lunch $9.29 Dinner $14.49