A special Mexican dough, with caramel & deep fried to be deliciously crunchy!


Creamy cheesecake wrapped in a pastry tortilla, fried until it is flaky & golden!

Dusted with cinnamon sugar, drizzled with caramel sauce then topped with luscious whipped cream!                                                  


 The most traditional Mexican wedding cake!

Sweet & creamy! Made with 3 different types of milk! Delicious!                                      


Vanilla ice cream covered with golden corn flakes & coconut!

Served in a fried flour tortilla crown, with honey, whipped cream, chocolate syrup & topped with rainbow sprinkles!


A rich chocolate Bundt cake filled with hot fudge!

Served with vanilla ice cream then topped with scrumptious strawberry syrup!


A flour tortilla deep fried till golden brown then topped with cinnamon, powdered sugar & honey!

Regular Sopapilla, $3.79


Make simply the best even better with ice cream!

Sopapilla with ice cream, only $4.29

The classic traditional dessert!

Simply the best Mexican egg custard!